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About DPH Consulting – DPH Consulting

About DPH Consulting


We represent and promote innovative products and new product categories to the UK and European markets. Our company specialises in developing these products for the sales market. We have decades of experience and our products are unique and consumer-focused to enhance the retail offering and the consumer experience. We offer the following services to help execute the sales of new products into the market:

• Sales Representation

• Business Development

• Strategic Partnerships

• Distribution

  1. We always tell a (True) story about the Products we represent – We offer solutions to problems, highlighting the benefits, features, and FACTS.
  2. We ALWAYS work towards good Brand Perception  – We consider a product’s core audience carefully before launching a product to ensure it resonates with potential customers and offers them value.
  3. We Do What Your Competitors Won’t Do – We are not afraid of trying something new. Other product competitors usually want to “play it safe” and do the same old thing because they’re afraid they’ll lose their market position and never regain it.
  4. We can Market Your Existing Customers – It’s not always necessary to find a brand-new audience to increase product sales. If appropriate, we can increase demand even amongst your loyal fans.
  5. Research, research, research – We set clear – but flexible – objectives.
  6. Launch Strategy – Strategic planning, key message development and phasing, visual branding, website build and optimisation, etc.
  7. Driving optimal networking and meetings – Sales and ensuring buyers receive the very best product that is right for them is critical to sales success. The old saying that people buy from people is still more than ever true today in our fast-paced digital age where building trust is essential.