About DPH Consulting


All Operators have attended and completed a series of intensive training courses of which are not available commercially and are principally designed to build up individual and Team skills sets. These courses originate from Government sources and are benchmarked against the tradecraft and intelligence gathering methods of the UK Security Services. This has developed a cohesive operational team and ensures quality assurance to clients. Individuals within the team have previous Commercial and Corporate exposure interacting as large or small teams, conducting sophisticated covert surveillance operations for corporate clients in the UK and worldwide. The majority of the Team originate from military backgrounds, however operationally it is important to bring balance, and civilian operators with exceptional skill-sets enhance the team and bring an operationally diverse capability.

The Team’s ethos during operations is to gather detailed sophisticated intelligence on the subject of surveillance. This comprises of keeping a detailed record of the subject’s movements and activities by utilising still photography, digital video and uniquely gaining detailed human intelligence by interfacing in a close proximity to the subject whilst still maintaining a covert stance. The Team composition consists of diverse age groups; including high quality Operators in their early twenties who are able to operate in environments which other Operators could not achieve without arousing suspicion. This unique skill-set and Tradecraft enables the Team to operate covertly in a fast changing and complex environment. The Team has a balanced dynamic of male and female Operators which allows a flexible and proactive deployment capability against sophisticated subjects.


Team Operations with multiple targets and multiple modes of transport require specialised tradecraft training and tactics. The Team skill sets are benchmarked against Tradecraft and Intelligence gathering methods employed by the Security and Intelligence Services of the United Kingdom. Eighty percent (80%) of The Team are qualified Close Protection Officers and have SIA CP licenses. Operators have been trained in, and have extensive experience in the following:
• Covert Surveillance
• Counter-Surveillance
• Protective Surveillance
• Protective Counter-Surveillance
• Anti-Surveillance
• Close Protection
• Infiltration/Undercover Operations
• Penetration Testing and Counter Penetration advisors
• Risk Management/Asset Protection
• Asset Tracking
• Insurance Mitigation
• Covert & Overt camera installation
• IT, Cyber security and Social Media Engineering
• Financial forensics, due diligence, and tracing
• International hostile environment intelligence briefings and advice
• Training (covering the majority of services listed)

Personal Skills

The various personal skills of members of The Team are too wide and far ranging to list because of their backgrounds, some of these include:
• Covert and overt search advisors
• Undercover infiltration and intelligence gathering
• Security management
• National teaching and training qualifications
• Maritime security
• Maritime counter terrorism
• Advanced Diving Instructor qualifications

Industry Standards

Although the Surveillance Industry is yet to be formally regulated, Operators meet the following standard requirements: All operators have completed training which provides a working knowledge and understanding of Regulatory Investigator Powers Act 2000 (RIPA), the Human Rights Act 1998, and Impact Assessment. Operators hold relevant Criminal Records Bureau (C.R.B) checks. Team Leaders are registered with Data Protection. All motor vehicles have relevant business insurance cover. All operators are trained to military first aid standards as a minimum. A number of operators are trained to NHS standard and all Close Protection Personnel hold a valid First Aid at Work certification. Operations undertaken adhere to a code of practice in line with RIPA 2000 and HRA.


Operations are conducted using foot and vehicle mounted, licensed, covert radio systems. A unique sophisticated coded voice procedure is employed by all operators’ in order to reduce the risk of compromise and misinterpretation by either sophisticated or commercial target sets.

All operators have video and still photography capability. The Team deploy high definition covert video and sound capabilities as standard.

Varied types of vehicles can be deployed during multi modal operations in order to blend in with diverse environments. These include cars, vans and motorcycles.
• Cars: various makes and models of diverse ages and appearance.
• Motorcycles: fitted with covert communications and trained surveillance riders/operators.
• Taxis: Licensed black cab with trained operator/driver.
• Covert Technical Vans: incorporating 360 degrees day and night covert imagery and extended sustainability between re-charge.

Trackers, remote cameras and listening devices can be deployed if required.

The Team is also equipped to conduct rural operations with full rural OP kits.